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The weight and responsibility of raising a child with a life-threatening illness is overwhelming.  You need someone who can empathize with you because they have been there.  Someone who knows your fears, understands your pain and frustration and who can stand in the gap in prayer with you.

I spent years in and out of the hospital with my son after he was diagnosed with a severe heart problem.  I saw the pain and difficulties so many parents face trying to cope with their child’s illness.   After my son passed away, I made a decision to work toward a foundation that could help […]

After losing my husband and two children in a boating accident, I searched for a peace and purpose in my life.  It took me years to heal and realize I could use what happened to me to send comfort to others.  God has put it in my heart to reach out to parents struggling with […]

Thank you for your help during my son’s illness. Just know I could not have been by his side without your financial support. I loved him with every fiber of my being and now it is time to give back. I will do anything I can to help your organization.

How can I ever thank you for helping my family in our time of need? I am humbled by the love of Christ that so many people showed us during my son’s hospital stay. What a little miracle we have and I will spend my days telling him how amazing our God is. Again thank […]

Thank you so much for helping our family by making our mortgage payments while our sweet son was in the hospital. It helped more than you will ever know and we are truly grateful. You guys helped us during the toughest time of our lives. After such a long battle, our sweet baby went to […]

We want to thank you for being go eager to help our family during our son’s illness. We had thought we could handle everything, but when he had his set back we knew we needed to contact you. We never expected you to do as much as you did. Making both our car notes really […]

I never thought I would be speechless, but I am. There is so much I want to say. To say thank you – I can’t find how to put it in words. How do you say thank you to someone whose prayers, love and compassion gave you hope, no matter how many doors were shut.

Thank you so much for the support you gave us to continue to help us through our Journey. It meant so much to Jacob to have his Dad here with us, and not having to worry about getting back to work right away. Your support, through “Just Keep Smiling” is an awesome thing. You have […]